I wonder Where My Halo Went . . .get the super glue

Monday, July 21, 2008


Sometimes I find myself going over many things in my mind. Past experiences, Past people who have entered and exited. Past hurts and such.

I began to realize that I draw what I think to me.

I am starting a new page in my life. I will begin to make a habit of being grateful for all of the things in life.
1. Bless those who despitefully use me... and abuse me. Who care less about me
than I realized.
2. Create safe and comfortable boundaries for my happiness.
3. Continue to tell my darling daughters that they are what they want to be and to
strive to be what they really want and expect good things always.
4. Thankful for answered prayers many years ago, with having one of the best
husbands in the world and I know lots say that but I truly mean it. I have an
honest man who is full of integrity and he is a very dependable human being to
which one of my prayers was answered for sure.
5. Don't sweat the small stuff.
6. God is wonderful and the universe is wonderful. I am expecting such great things
in my life and I am living as if I have all I want and need.
7. FAITH is the key to all abundance, joy and happiness.
8. Thankful for all who have passed through on my way to living my life.
9. Grateful for the lessons learned in the mistakes of the past, and the mistakes I
have made but looking to the future with a great sense of hope and happiness.
10. Ask and ye shall receive.
11. Knock and the door shall be opened.
12. SEEK and ye shall find.

Sometimes you wonder about those who are family in your lives and why it seems they choose others over you. How they don't seem to care to stay in touch with you even though you do try and why it seems you just don't matter much to them?
I now leave that with God and I am living each and every day being grateful to God for the day, the chance to enjoy it and each and every moment of the day. Because I am alive, I am grateful to be alive. I am here living a wonderful life with amazing blessings. I am grateful that GOD gave me the intuition I have and the ability to discern situations to which I can find a good path for us. The moving when everyone else said "ARE YOU CRAZY?... both to Alberta and back to NL.
God is the ruler of my life and he alone directs my path. I trust in that and when I trust in that and I strive to be better, it comes so easily to me.

BLESS THOSE WHO seem to forget about you.... Bless those who get wrapped up in their own lives and their own selves and forget about you.... BLESS those who need GOD and for those who need to wake up and be thankful for what they have and the health they have instead of looking at the dreary side of life.

THANK YOU for all of the blessings.
THANK YOU for my life.
THANK YOU for my ability to see, and hear and speak and think.
THANK YOU for my ability to walk and use my arms and legs.
THANK YOU for my children and my husband.
THANK YOU for family who care and who don't.

Thanks for this day and those to come.

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Well, it's hard to believe that Ann, Jerry, Andrew and Jenna are back in Grande Prairie so soon. Time sure flies when you are enjoying it.

WE enjoyed having them stay with us for 6 days and we had a great time. Great food, Great Friends, Great time.

Ann & Jerry are now making plans to move back to NL. They are ready for the change and for the move home. Home is where the heart is... and I guess they're heart is here.

So now their excitement begins.
Jerry was offered a job right away and they are looking at all of the options and making their plans.

See ya soon...

Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Today our friends Ann, Jerry and their son Andrew and daughter Jenna will arrive for 6 days. They arrived in NL from Grande Prairie on June 24th and stayed two days with us and then headed out to visit with their families and friends.

I am very happy to see them again as they have been the best of friends to Kevin and me.

I first met Ann when I moved from Toronto to Bonavista, NL after a tumultuous relationship. My daughters and I moved for survival and Bonavista was the place at the time, that my parents had moved and my father had passed away two years earlier. My mother was still there. I had no where else to go and so while living in Bonavista I decided to go back to school and that is where I met Ann.

Ann had just left a tumultuous relationship in Port Aux Basques.

At first Ann was a very harsh, bold person that I wasn't sure I liked. She would show up early on Saturday mornings with her son and it really earked me. Of course, because of her very generous heart I grew to love her as a friend and when she started dated Jerry, we all became friends. After awhile, they decided on New Years Eve 1989-90 that I should go to the New Years Ball with them. Well, not wanting to go because it should be couples, they had invited a fellow by the name of Kevin Ryder to come too. He showed up and the rest is history.

Kevin and I got married and Ann and Jerry stood at our wedding. We stood at Ann & Jerry's wedding. They moved to Port aux basques and we moved to Calgary that August. Ann and Jerry moved to Calgary the following year and Jenna had been born 2 months prior.

Ann & Jerry, Andrew and Jenna lived with us for 8 months and then moved out on their own. A year later they moved to Grande Prairie and are still living there.

We have a lot of history between us and we do enjoy each others company. We are dear friends and I cherish their friendships as they have been there through thick and thin for me and I for them.

I am very grateful for them and grateful to have them in my life.
I do hope that somehow they will find a way to move back home so we can all hang out again as we did when we lived here.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

In ALL things give thanks

I have not been writing much here in the blogger. Most of those I know don't really blog or care to but today I feel compelled to be thankful.

In All things give thanks and so I am going to blog all of the things I am grateful for and some of them will be speaking positively for what I expect to come. GOOD THINGS.

1. I am very grateful for my health, my legs that can walk, my eyes that can see, my ears to hear.

2. I am grateful that I can smell and taste.

3. I am grateful that I can drink good water and eat amazing food.

4. I am grateful for the person God created in me, the creative, imaginative, intuitive creation I am.

5. I am grateful for my parents.

6. I am grateful for a father who had great faith, who didn't waver no matter what anyone thought.

7. I am grateful for two brothers.

8. I am grateful for my husband Kevin who came into my life and has given me the true meaning of LOVE.

9. I am grateful for the YOUNG / BRUCE family.

10. I am grateful that Bruce, Joanne and their families are still in my life.

11. I am grateful that I live in a place that affords me fresh air and good living.

12. I am grateful for my two successful daughters who gave me such joy and are a constant joy in my life.

13. I am grateful for the RYDER family.

14. I am grateful for the many friends I have met over the years and some who are constantly in my thoughts and prayers.

15. I am grateful for Jim and Marion Burton for their generosity to me from the ages of 9-13 while living in La Scie, NL.

16. I am grateful for past employers and co-workers I have had the privilege of working with over the past few years.

17. I am grateful for our jobs, our home, our vehicles, our livelihoods.

18. I am grateful to NEWDOCK for keeping me working.

19. I am grateful to Manpower Professionals for keeping me busy.

20. I am grateful for my dog Shadow and for WHipper who are constant joys in our lives.

21. I am grateful to GOD for all of the blessings he bestows on me each day.

22. I am grateful for waking up each morning and enjoying each day.

23. I am grateful for the abundance and joy I have.

24. I am grateful for all the good things that are coming my way.

25. I am grateful that I can look at the Ocean each day.

26. I am grateful for the ability to make a good meal.

27. I am grateful for those in this world that help to bring peace, love and prosperity to others, who give generously to those in need.

28. I am grateful for the places I have lived and the wonderful experiences I have enjoyed.

THANK YOU GOD for all of the blessings.
BLESS those who may read this and bring them joy, peace and abundance.


Friday, January 11, 2008


Where had the time gone?

It's been an interesting 6 months. We have experienced the laid back attitudes of the EAST COAST, which if you don't get used to it can be quite frustrating when you are used to GO GO GO, the drivers from out around the Bay who are so used to no lights and being the only one in the world driving, the SNOW, apparently we are having the 3rd snowiest December on record since 1942 and the nicest people who would do anything in the world for you, like our neighbor who plows our driveway when he is done working.

It's been a busy time, we have had to learn how to deal with MOUNTAINS of snow and how to drive in it again. The great thing is they really do clear the roads here so well. BUT we did however, purchase a new toy for us all to use, a snowblower. We also purchased a ski doo to have fun with but as soon as we purchased it, we got a snowstorm and it's been mild and great ever since so it's all melting away. I am sure we will get a chance to use though.

I am anxious for the summer so I can get out and plant a garden. It will be my first and I am hoping for a decent crop...maybe a few warped carrots but good enough to eat. ha ha

I don't get to be on here much anymore and am enjoying a new job now and we are all so busy. The girls are busy with school, Whipper is busy guilting us into giving her treats and it's exciting here these days with the anticpation of good things coming our way, in the air!


Monday, October 01, 2007


OCTOBER, what I like about October is the changing of the colors of the trees... although it does signify a death of some sort...it's just so darn pretty.

October also brings memories of Harvest Festival at church where everyone used to bring veggies and fruit and so on to put in front of the alter for Thanksgiving. We used to sneak in and grab an apple now and then without anyone knowing. Most people didn't realize that we didn't get too much back then.

Thanksgiving is such a nice time to get together with friends and family and eat Turkey, yum....

When we look out our window we overlook a pond and there are trees all around that are now starting to change color. It is beginning to look so pretty! It's a bit cooler now and soon we will be heading into Christmas, my favorite time of the year.

Lately, I have been temping at my old employer but here in St. JOhn's...what a lovely week I have had. Everyone is very laid back and professional. I have really enjoyed it.

Everyone is doing well, busy and happy. Whipper (Robyn's dog) has taken a shine to Kevin and me, but mostly Kevin who supplies sneaky treats under the table. She is such a cute dog and is such a GIRL that if you don't pet her she will whine as if to say, HEY, why are you not petting me? I need you to love me now.... hurry up will you? She is filling the void of our OREO...

We are still organizing at the house and doing some renos...it should all be up to par by the end of October I hope. Life is slowly settling in and becoming normal again... ha ha

Monday, August 06, 2007


It's amazing how time flies!
Here we are now living in Newfoundland, working and getting on with our lives and it was only a couple of months ago we were living in Alberta. Time FLIES!

This month is an exciting month.
Lots of family and friends celebrate their wedding anniversaries this month, including Kevin and I .

My brother and his wife celebrated 29 years on August 4th. We went out there for the weekend and had a big family BBQ, with fire in the firepit as well as FIREWORKS. It was a very enjoyable time for everyone.

Kevin and I celebrate 16 years on August 24th and it might be the day before we move into our house....so I think we will celebrate once we get moved in.

Fall is around the corner and Newfoundland can boasts some beautiful FALL days. I am sooooo looking forward to them and am excited for the future.